About Us

At Winterspun we believe in slowing down & appreciating small, everyday pleasures. Crochet & knitting is truly the perfect pastime…it is relaxing, fun, therapeutic & creative. There is nothing like the excitement of getting those first stitches on your hook or needle!

Created, owned & run by crocheters & knitters, Winterspun is a destination for beautiful yarns, inspiration, as well as the tools to create. We believe in the right yarn for the project & carry an expansive array of everything from easy to care for acrylic fibers to natural wools & blends. Yarn is for everyone & we want to deliver a great value & shopping experience.

Each ball/hank of yarn is photographed in our house studio to represent the colors as accurately as possible. Color is an expression of oneself & we know how important it is to choose the right hue for a project.

We invite you to come in, take a relaxing exhale & enjoy the yarn.

-The Winterspun Team